YouCopia Spice Drawer Organizer Review

Keeping spices in a kitchen drawer means you free up your countertop and cabinet space. Great!

But because they’re out of sight most of the time, people have a tendency to let their spice drawer get chaotic. Before you know it, packets of spices are littered everywhere and you can’t find the one you need when you want it!

YouCopia have come up with a deceptively simple spice drawer organizer to solve this problem with the SpiceLiner.

I’d recommend this solution due to its simplicity to install and use, its adaptability to different sized drawers, and it’s useful functionality.

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The YouCopia SpiceLiner consists of soft foam strips that keep your spice jars securely in place so they don’t move when you open the drawer.

This clever, modern solution to keep your spices neat and tidy has received rave reviews. So I was keen to give it a try.

The liners come in a pack of 6 and are in a neutral warm gray color.

Each strip is separate and measures 2.5”W x 18”L. You can lay the strips side by side in any kitchen drawer.  They fit together neatly, and can be trimmed with scissors so they can be customized to fit your drawers.

They work so well because they are contoured concavely to gently hold the spice bottles. The foam provides the right amount of grip to prevent jars from moving when the drawer is opened.

You can place your spice jars face up in the drawer, and the foam provides a good grip so that the jars stay neat and tidy. Then when you need them it’s easy to find the one you need and make a quick selection.

You can read more spice drawer organizer reviews from customers and/or buy this here from Amazon.

Buy YouCopia SpiceLiner from Amazon




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